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Meet Santina

Photographer & Partner 
With Santina on your vendor team, you can't help but relax and enjoy your wedding day. She has a calm demeanor that you and your guests will find comforting while in front of her camera. 

She's a Natural

If you've ever felt forced or unnatural in front of the camera, you're going to love working with Santina. She has an unmatched ability to capture couples in their truest form. The love and excitement you have for one another at the time of your engagement are guaranteed to shine through her images.

It's going to be fun. 

When sensational photo opportunities arise, Santina is the first to make the most of it. The gondola boats in downtown Providence, Rhode Island were irresistible to this couple. Without hesitation, Santina arranged an impromptu ride. Then, she even rode along herself in the front for premium photo angles.  

In the Details

She gets it. All the strategically planned details of your wedding day will not go unnoticed by Santina.  Not only will she document the big and the small that makes your event uniquely you, but she'll do it with her unique creative flair. 
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